Since a good deal may be greater and possesses been remaining for you to utilized without having adversity.

With our child of the same age (19) already being exotic because it has NEVER flown.

We will cancel before the entire travel price is due, because who knows whether the organizer will still exist in 2021 and how we will then be on it.

But we should all think about how well we are and how many never have vacation in the world and certainly cannot travel.

Germany is a beautiful country with great corners. Enjoying home is the order of the day. All good. The environment will thank you (air traffic). Who would like to bring in a virus? No problem.

Yes, that’s bitter … I advise you to go for a walk with the crocodile, in the park and in the forest. But remember, the crocodile must be on a leash during the breeding and setting season.

You can also teach him tricks and tricks, for example “sit”, “place”, “come” or retrieve schnitzel.

Many crocodiles also like to play puzzles or Monopoly, but are quickly offended when they come to Schlossallee and you have a hotel there.

V. a. for the popular holiday destinations Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey this will be difficult if it is not possible to travel. The German holiday regions (North and Baltic Sea, Bavaria, etc.) may benefit.

We live near Innsbruck and our favorite holiday destinations are Italy in spring and Germany in summer. But what to do when these countries keep their borders closed?

“Shit !! What if the tour operator and the airline go broke? Then the voucher is for the cat and the money is gone !!”

If you have not taken out travel cancellation insurance, are you fully responsible and knowingly run the risk that, in the worst-case scenario, you will be left with your summer holiday expenses? there are also these things! If you want to save these 15 euros, you save at the wrong end and shouldn’t complain afterwards!

By the way: tour operators are welcome to slip under a state rescue package. That could all be managed with a little open mind. In any case, better than indulging in insane hedonistic fun and thereby knowingly endangering the lives of certain parts of the population! In my opinion negligent bodily harm and dangerous to the public!

… when I ask around friends and neighbors, many have already written off this year’s vacation. Not because you can’t travel or something like that, but because it is being used up. Mainly it seems to hit people from the manufacturing industry whose annual vacation is being used up.


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