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Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are! Of course, it’s not that simple. In your own four walls, however, you should think carefully about which pictures to hang up. Because not only CD and bookshelves reveal something about the character of the resident. Certain colors and shapes can also influence the atmosphere, both negatively and positively. Most of you probably know the Rorschach test, colloquially also called the ink blot test. But not only what we see in the ink stains says something about our personality. Whether heirlooms, works of art or family photos on the wall: The design of the apartment can also say a lot about how we are or how we want to be. The reverse applies: With certain colors and motifs the psyche can be influenced.

In general, however, you shouldn’t put everything on the gold scales. Because even if a person’s home can provide information about their character traits, each person is more than just the sum of their inventory.

(ADVERTISEMENT) In the generation of under-20s today, hardly anyone can imagine what the time without a cell phone looked like. Cell phones have become a real mass phenomenon in the 1990s. And have changed the way we communicate with one another. The development experienced another significant boost with the first smartphones, which appeared on the market from 2007. In the meantime, the small “cell phones” with a connection to the mobile Internet have become an integral part of everyday life. According to a BITKOM study from 2015, around 44 million Germans already owned a smartphone at the time of study.

In addition, the cameras used in smartphones are getting better and better. Some specialists among the devices can even compete with a compact digital camera at this point – and have some interesting features. The manufacturers’ new developments are now placed on the market every year. What do some of the new smartphones look like? And what can the devices do.

Apple is the company that developed the first smartphone, the iPhone. The company has been setting standards since 2007. The current devices include the iPhone SE. Equipped with a four-inch Retina display and an A9 chip, Apple is relying on tried-and-tested lines with the SE – which has been given a new touch.

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