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Half of all vehicle owners own a used car, which is offered on the market for an average used car price of around € 9,000. The share of private dealers in the used car business comes to 41 percent (as of 2014). 40 percent of all future car buyers can now imagine buying their next used car on the Internet. This may not least be due to the many different ways of acquiring a used vehicle. Unfortunately, too many buyers still fall into the deceptive traps of attractively priced advertisements that turn out to be costly sham. You can find out how to avoid scammers consistently in the following article.

The offers and advantages of purchasing your next used car online are increasing. Private buyers are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity, for example at the marketplace on, to compare the vehicles on offer with regard to their mileage, age and extras. In addition to dealers, private sellers advertise their vehicles here at comparatively low prices. Mechanical engineer and car expert Det Müller recommends that you take a look at the used vehicle lists to find out how the models are traded before buying. In addition, he only advises contacting us if the advertisement contains specific information on the type designations and the number of previous owners.

The Main Post speaks of dubious car dealers who are robbing buyers of their money across Germany with unusually low prices, promising pictures and documents. The potential customers receive forged papers that look deceptively real – according to the legal expert of the automobile club Hannes Krämer. He assumes that the cars in the ads actually exist. But the dealers do not want to sell these vehicles.

Shortly after the first contact, the dealers put their customers under pressure. Another candidate would also be interested in the car. In return, a binding reservation is offered against a deposit. In some cases, further down payments for forwarding and transfer follow. Once the customer has transferred the money, the seller along with the shipping company and contact person disappear from the radar. Only at this point in time do the cheated buyers realize that the papers were forged and their money is gone. For this reason, it is not advisable to buy a car based on the descriptions and pictures of an ad. In addition, the alarm bells ring when the pressure and pressure of a quick purchase ring – because in this case there is no time to check the papers.

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