Simply because a good deal is far better and has been remaining to be studied without the need of adversity.

A flattening curve of new infections can get a new impetus due to unnecessary travel behavior of individual individuals! So the motto is: just stay at home with your ass in the summer!

This year good or bad. But next year I won’t see that anymore. Sorry !! Next year I want to go out again and maybe fly again.

Just don’t stop in mass tourism but simply relax and recover: e.g. in your own or rented garden.

Shit !! What if the tour operator and the airline go broke? Then the voucher is for the cat and the money is gone!

That’s still to come !! No way! You do NOT need a visa within Germany! Such a mega-bump. That would also be unconstitutional!

No short vacation at Easter, we can’t buy anything at the moment, no fuel consumption in the home office and then the summer vacation is also omitted.

you should take a basic course in irony, sarcasm, cynicism and satire … then you would save yourself a lot of comments …

I can help you with some information: The Association of the Camping Industry has pointed out that camping holidays due to individual arrival – usually by car – and the fact that you don’t hang around in the dining room as in a hotel, with appropriate hygiene of the campers can expect a high risk of infection. That was then collected through an entry ban, e.g. to MP or Bavaria. Mmmm, but Spain in the summer would be nice, but you are right, then don’t get sick! … and that makes me think too.

Nobody is talking about next year, it’s about the upcoming summer vacation this year. And it is simply far too early for traveling to Jot-Weh-Deh. Anyone who does it anyway makes himself a first-class guarantor of a renewed introduction of the pathogen.

It seems that we in the West are simply unable to learn from our mistakes. The Chinese and the Japanese are doing it right, as they did right in January. Why is it? Hubris? Because we would rather be the head teacher of the world than a student? I do not get it…

«But where I definitely want to go (outside of the EU) sometime in the next few years – but neither this year nor next year either:

IF on vacation, then maybe you should spend it in Germany, so that it is allowed again.

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