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He learned this week. Despite the sentence of him and the years left, he has a positive attitude and has learned to have patience and humility thanks to the program. I had all the opportunities of the Americans, I am Hispanic and for my family, work is very important. I was the first of “I had all the opportunities of the Americans, I am Hispanic … I was the first to graduate from Baccalaureate and the first to enter the university.” Patrickrodríguez my family in graduating from baccalaureate and the first to enter the university. UnanueVaperistito but Patrick is not the only one to this program has changed. For Moses, this is a new experience. Without having had a treat with dogs this man has learned to be patient and to work as a team. Patience and humility are some of the qualities that many have acquired with this program. Bryant, another prisoner of Fulton, working with Lilly has shown him that positive reinforcement is a more effective form of teaching for all. Joe, for the part of him, says he has learned mechanisms to face problems. 10 months ago He was not the same person as I am today, when I arrived, I did not smile, here I have learned to smile. FASTER CCM SUSANJACOBS-MEADOWSFEEDSSTEMPRAMKEYRABLACKLACKERCONDADODEFULLUNPROCESSEELSEELSTUSTYENTEMPERATIONDELOSPERROSYESCOGENAQUELOSLESTRESSTRESSTRESSTRENRENERRENAALACRAC. Of EquinaMalosPrisionersSonceptionsPrimeroPorlaCárcel, YDisphemellaorganization. STABLISHWEATREMENTSTEEPHOODSHOMEFOMMUNITY: SiempresenecessionsEasitanvoluntaries, Donations, AdoptionsMenteSexplaoseAccontracting Those ParamásInformation: Patrick and Joe agree that this program returned the smile. The bitterness that is lived in 901 is behind for a few weeks. It is difficult not to smile next to Sir Charles, the last dog to arrive. It is a pitbull with a smile that melts. A noble and sweet dog and a clear example that there are no dangerous breeds, but bad owners. Joe came out of prison a few days after the graduation of this cycle. See Á ÁGALERÍADEPhotos

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