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Modern websites that support the PHP scripting language and incorporate multiple databases need more extensive web space solutions. The script language is a prerequisite for content management systems (CMS), for content management and website maintenance. The best known CMS are WordPress, Joomla and Typo3. You are e.g. B. to learn relatively quickly in a course or with a little practice on your own.

Choosing the right name for the website should also not be taken lightly. After all, it is considered a business card and has a major impact on whether visitors would find it easily and ultimately click on it. The name of the domain should be as short and meaningful as possible so that it is easy to remember. Attention should also be paid to originality. Anyone who registers an already existing brand name as a domain name could be warned for infringing the rights of third parties. The legal aspects must not be neglected. Modifications of well-known brand names or company names – using hyphens and word combinations, for example – are taboo when registering your own domain. In addition to the domain names, the content of the website may of course not be copied from other authors.

When it comes to domain endings or top level domains (TLDs) you have more choice than you might think. In addition to the well-known .de and .com, there are numerous other TLDs that refer to the regional origin or the subject area of ​​the website. Websites with a .bayern ending show right away that they come from Bavaria or that their target group is primarily from Bavaria. The TLD .news signals that the page is about news.

It’s almost exactly six more months before football fever breaks out again in Germany. Since the 2006 World Cup in their own country, the Germans’ favorite sport has received even more popularity and attention than any other sport. Punctually on June 10th, the starting shot for the opening game in the Stade de France will be given. As usual, the host will be there when the ball rolls through the French national stadium for the first time. France is among the bookmakers as a favorite for the European Championship, not least because of its strong performance against the DFB-Elf.

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