Mainly because lots is far better and it has been kept in order to be used without the need of adversity.

– The burden of rental usury is already high in Berlin without Amazon. The gentrification is accelerated by the settlement.

– The testimonials in the article, from US cities where this process is much more advanced, are clear enough, aren’t they?

– The “red carpet” that the public sector is rolling out for such corporations has to be paid for somehow, permanently. These costs are disproportionate to what the corporations give back to the municipalities. Nice example of RyanAir and Hahn airfield in the Hunsrück. First let the fat infrastructure be built, then cheat on the starting fees, then blackmail the country by leaving the structurally weak region. Nobody in politics has the format and the will to oppose this.

– Once a few fat corporations have settled according to the usual scheme, there are others who also want to participate in the party. The municipalities have less room for maneuver with each one. Also because there are always some “market” screamers who have to protect the shy deer.

– “The plans submitted for the design of the tower deviated significantly from the original agreements, he accused the builders. But Schmidt was called off by the Senate”. Of course, the Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant was also built at a location other than the one approved, on an earthquake crevice in the Rhine rift. Because it was politically wanted, regardless of loss. Economics Senator Ramona Pop is also very much on line. The economy is a matter for the boss, we have understood that, that means neoliberal politics and explicitly not social.

Well, what do we dream of at night? That corporations live up to their responsibilities? As if the President of Siemens were dealing with climate policy. As usual, it was all about PR, no further questions. What do you have to fear? Siemens cannot be boycotted at the private customer level. Profit is more important to them than the planet, that is the unmistakable message.

For Siemens it was of course also an image campaign, regardless of Neubauer’s reaction. But the group didn’t have to do that, there are still enough companies that keep their ears stiff in the meantime. If Siemens pulls out of the contract, that would be an encouraging step. In addition, if they appoint someone from Scientists for Future to the board of directors, I’ll start rethinking my assessment of corporations. Politics would not bring that about, an international boycott of dirty projects by the industry. Just as the protection of the constitution is extremely unpopular as an employer with IT people, nobody has to tell them that.

The argument is roughly: The Greens are the good guys, politics is the art of compromise and to be able to do politics at all, you first have to have an option of power.

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