Mainly because a great deal may be much better and it has recently been eventually left for you to be studied devoid of adversity.

The only way to find your way back to a self-determined life is to break down the dependencies, laboriously, step by step, exactly as the other side built them up. You are only able to act if you can still decide because you have a choice. Otherwise just a cog in the gears, forced to function whether you like it or not.

That is how it was intended with the merciless exploitation aka “flexibilization” and EU eastward expansion. Why cage only for animals? Why report on it, unless there is really no way around it? Why let your mood spoil while enjoying your own prosperity? These are certainly the Christian values ​​that one always hears about. The human rights that are so important in the West.

Instead of a crucifix, it should hang here in every office, in every company, in every church and in every school, that would at least be honest:

@Kraftwerk: Thank you for improving the lives of many and setting the course for so many. Florian is gone, yes, stupid and sad, but what you’ve done has maximum oomph and stays. Especially with your timeless melodies or “daring” minimalistic drum fills at the end of a bar sequence, I could still throw myself away. Incomprehensible. What kind of being does it take to express itself in this way?

Palmer is in great hands with the Greens. That’s just their show, now simulating demarcation. As was the case with Sarrazin and the SPD, or with Schäuble and the CDU. Trolls who can barely walk in front of their ego hit the wall at regular intervals. They have an important function in their context, so your club can sound out what is accepted and signal that it covers a wide range of opinions. And you will feel great yourself too.

Very beautiful. The article should be titled “Ecology or Capitalism”, but that would be an admission that the filmmakers are quite right. And an admission of the failure of the institutions and associations that are committed to ecology. Some because they have been practicing “ecological” capitalism for a long time, others because they have not done anything about it or are powerless against it.

One can now argue that not all ecology is created equal, just like democracy is a flexible term. The GDR was also democratic in name. But similar to democracy, if you are honest, ecology means

– that the whole route must be taken into account and not just partial aspects that you can pick out at will.

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