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Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has extended the curfew in his country due to the coronavirus pandemic until further notice. The reported the Saudi agency SPA. A night exit ban was first imposed on March 23, initially for three weeks. Shortly thereafter, the kingdom banned travel between the country’s 13 regions. In early April, Saudi Arabia also imposed a complete curfew in the two most important Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina. The country saw a sharp surge in new infections on Sunday. The total number of infected people rose by 429 to 4462, as the Ministry of Health in Riyadh reported.

In Libya, increasing violence is hindering the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Due to the many victims of the civil war, the hospitals are already overloaded and have only a small capacity for Covid 19 patients, warned the International Committee of the Red Cross. In the capital Tripoli, one of the largest hospitals had to be closed after bombings. Many nurses and doctors have had to treat war casualties and are not available to contain Covid-19 and treat patients, the International Committee said.

In the correctional facility in W├╝rzburg there is currently a strict ban on visiting the 520 prisoners due to Corona, there is no exit, no vacation, no external training. In return, the options for making phone calls were expanded in order to keep in touch with relatives, according to the prison management. On the other hand, the prisoners got TVs so that they can find out about the news about Corona.

Criminals have falsified the entire website of the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Economics in order to apparently redirect immediate Corona aid to their own bank accounts. This was the result of research by NDR, WDR and S├╝ddeutscher Zeitung. Representatives of the NRW Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economic Affairs confirm this fact. The fake page was set up last Wednesday. The fake page is on a server in the USA, the applicant hides behind an anonymization service in Panama. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier has announced that he will take tough action against the improper use of financial Corona aid.

In Bayreuth, a host of several corona parties came into police custody for violating the exit restrictions. Meanwhile, two guests broke into his home.

According to the police, the 18-year-old resident celebrated his birthday early Sunday morning with five guests between the ages of 14 and 20. A neighbor reported the party to the police. Since the 18-year-old had previously violated the exit restrictions and did not show his understanding, the officers took him into custody.

The police stopped the party shortly after 3 a.m.

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