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The German government should not get off scot-free in the settlement. Since Schröder / Fischer every German government has made use of the country’s economic power and used the EU and the euro as amplifiers to push all other European countries against the wall, with a newly created low-wage army in the country and with the even cheaper ones from Eastern Europe. They could also be played off against each other. Win win.

You also hawked our rights. Forwarding of passenger data and payment data to the USA, automatically. After “Safe Harbor” was finally where it belonged, in the bin, we got it renamed “Privacy Shield”, not a bit better. If you pretend to represent us – we need people who represent our rights and do not clandestinely abolish them. Similar to the tax havens Nieerlande and Luxembourg, there was the data protection oasis Ireland, they have a kiosk as a data protection authority, where nothing is guaranteed to happen. Of course, this is exactly where Facebook negotiates its non-existent data protection. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do, you don’t have any competencies. But you can make sure that stores like Facebook can only make us monkeys all over Europe. Oh yes, Ireland was also a tax haven for Apple, they gave Apple 13 billion. Of course, Apple then handles EU business through Ireland. You can prevent that if you want to.

Your Cecilia Malmström demolished consumer protection: Millions first had to demonstrate against TTIP, TISA and CETA, which were disguised behind closed doors, so that it could even be discussed in public, CETA was still pushed through after Wallonia, which was the only one to oppose it, massively under Pressure was applied. TTIP did not bring you down, but Trump, for completely different motives.

Arbitration courts, yes? Institutions which are in no way democratically legitimized and which are occupied by corporate lobbyists. Those who then decide that the legal regulations of a state have to go if they are in the way of the profit interests of a corporation. Nothing can go wrong there.

Yes, that’s exactly what was / is the case with taxes, not officially, but just as effective. At the moment when there is * a * tax haven in Europe (e.g. NL, LU), you can rub your tax authority in your hair.

In this situation it is no longer possible to be responsible because others decide – the EU. So the EU also bears responsibility. Of course, it disguises that as much as possible, but it doesn’t change anything. Whoever decides has the responsibility. Very easily.

It is up to us to hold the decision-makers accountable and not let them get away with the myth of sovereign states. H

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