Due to the fact a lot has been greater and has been recently left to be studied without adversity.

While the ITN journalists received international recognition and high-value journalism awards for their reports on their visit to Bosnia, Western governments intensified their efforts to exert diplomatic and military influence on developments in Bosnia.

One of the most spectacular examples of “professional” PR work to date was the “incubator story” invented by Hill Knowlton (H K) and the atrocities that can hardly be surpassed.

Just as the European left rushed to the aid of Spain, oppressed by fascism, in the 1930s, radical Islamists from all over the world chose Bosnia as the battlefield for their faith.

And at the same time young Bosnians sought their salvation in a previously unseen militant Islam of hatred. Several hundred Bosnian warriors were trained and religiously trained in Bin Laden’s Afghan camps for six months each.

During 1994 the USA and UN tolerated the increasing flow of arms from Iran and the Muslim states via Croatia. As Republican chairman of the Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare in the US Senate, Yossef Bodansky points out the intensive and direct support from the air:

So it is not surprising that fighting resumed in Bosnia at the beginning of May 1995. The situation quickly escalated when the Bosnian Serbs refused to surrender their heavy weapons. NATO planes then bombed an ammunition dump belonging to the Bosnian Serbs. In response, the Serbs took UN soldiers hostage and chained them to military objects as living shields. The defense ministers of the NATO countries and the European Union then decided to set up a rapid reaction force to protect the UN troops in Bosnia.

Now the public pressure on the Serbian side can be maintained and continuously increased by Americans like Muslims and Croats. The continued Serbian attacks on the Bihac protection zone are supposed to provide the justification for Clinton’s positive attitude towards the Croatian offensive “Sturm” in just a few weeks: Americans and Croatians want to chase the Serbs out of the Krajina in contrast to the divided Europeans.

For this, the Americans had secretly upgraded the Croats and thus created a strong local army that could wage war in the interests of Zagreb and Washington.

On August 27, 1995, Richard Holbrooke announced more active NATO air missions against the Serbs for the next incident.

Aids, police and, above all, three camera teams are quickly on the spot. The place of horror is documented with calm guidance and the dead and seriously injured are zoomed into the picture. The gruesome images of the killed and mutilated went around the world amid loud outrage from the media and left a lasting impression.

On August 30, the most massive military action in Europe since World War II began.

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