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3:46 p.m. Returning travelers and other travelers from risk areas abroad should in principle be given the opportunity in Baden-Württemberg to be tested for an infection with the coronavirus after their arrival. A legal obligation to test is being examined. Even those who enter from countries that are not designated as a risk area can be tested within 72 hours of entry. The state is thus implementing a corresponding decision on which the health ministers of the federal and state governments have agreed today. (pm)

3:37 pm In Baden-Württemberg a “special funding line for Covid 19 research” is being launched. The Ministry of Science intends to fund 51 projects in Freiburg, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Tübingen and Ulm with around eight million euros. “With our special funding we enable the rapid implementation of promising research ideas and support currently urgent research projects on diagnostics, therapy and prevention of Covid-19,” said Science Minister Theresia Bauer (Greens), explaining the measure on Friday in Stuttgart. (dpa)

2:52 p.m. The Reutlingen district office is not reporting any new corona cases today. As yesterday, there are a total of 1,572 confirmed cases in the district. The number of deaths in connection with Covid-19 has not increased, it remains at 89. 1,473 people are considered recovered, that is 99.33 percent (deaths not included). This means that ten active corona cases are currently known. (pm)

2:29 p.m. Like all municipalities, the Sonnenbühl municipality closed its day-care centers from mid-March. Parental contributions for daycare and school childcare have been suspended. In total, this was around 85,000 euros for the months April to June. Now the municipal council has decided not to collect these fees. The waiver of the contributions means that the municipality has to bear a large part of the deficit itself. She had received around 91,000 euros from the state’s Corona emergency aid, but used around 46,800 euros of that to cushion other shortfalls and additional expenses such as masks and disinfectants. For the daycare fees, this means that the municipality only received 52 percent of them. Nevertheless, it is a fair way to keep the burden on parents as low as possible by waiving the fees, said Mayor Uwe Morgenstern. (cofi)

1:42 p.m. Everyone is hoping for a vaccine against the coronavirus – so it seems: But according to a study by Heidelberg University, only 55 percent of those surveyed want to be vaccinated if there is an available vaccine. The scientists recently surveyed 1,350 people. The stronger the conspiracy mentality, the greater the resistance to protective measures such as the warning app or vaccinations, as the interdisciplinary research team found out.

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