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Assuming that there is currently only one party to the left of the center, which also mainly fights over commas: Where is there supposed to be any resistance worth mentioning? By “left” I mean committed to the common good, especially the poor, instead of the rights of the stronger.

Merz, Weidel and Lindner will get along great, have graduated from the same school and have the same goals.

Nahles and Habeck and their supporters will continue to paddle around as before, arrange themselves and try to get as much of the cake as possible.

Under these circumstances, the CDU does not have to worry about “the Left” with a candidate for Chancellor Merz.

Usually such influential pullers act better from the second row, maximum oomph, but not a target. However, it seems that representatives of the market fascists now feel so secure that they step forward to complete the restructuring in the war between rich and poor. Bolsonaro is the latest example.

This is probably not about harming Saudi Arabia. There is no motive and no hostile alliance.

It is worth a lot for the two of them to talk to each other after the ubiquitous hate speech and the lying campaigns of recent years by the US / UK and Western media. Even before the last US election it was clear that Trump had no particular problem with Russia, but rather had to be carried by the apparatchiks to hunt. With the Fack-the-EU Group from Clinton we would probably already have World War III, the venue of course in Europe. That the Russians allegedly manipulated the US election – ridiculous. The world’s model democracy and the only superpower, as well as the host country of the largest global IT corporations and secret services by the dozen, should not be able to neutralize influence via their own social media? Then I don’t know either. Especially since the US administration knows, if anything, how to manipulate elections and bring about regime change, successfully practiced in dozens of countries, including Russia – most recently in the Yeltsin era.

No, bad US electoral losers immediately started the tale of elections hacked by Ivan in order to distract from their own blatant mistakes, for example (for the umpteenth time) the long-planned ditching of Bernie Sanders by the “Democrats” executive suite . How much voter fraud is tolerated? Not as much as expected, went stupid.

German reunification was linked, among other things, to the promise not to expand NATO to the east.

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