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What’s going on If the protest is not decided by the green party executive, it’s always right-wing hordes or those willing to use violence. The low-wage earners, whom you eco-liberals have long since defined as irrelevant, are surprisingly there and speak up. Well so what.

Tip: We have about 20% low wage workers here in Germany, well over 30% in the east, and over 40% in atypical employment. They can still be seen even with the binoculars turned around.

It doesn’t depend on the hardware at all. In every household there are 2-3 discarded computers and at least one discarded router – if schools on the road called for donations, they would drown in hardware. From this the schools could choose the useful ones and set them up for school use. Support from parents or local PC stores wouldn’t be a big or expensive problem either.

It depends on the lack of willingness to offer IT lessons from the 5th grade. That was delayed for decades, it would be fatal if suddenly noteworthy people were familiar with IT and everything related to it.

No, future generations should also operate their paddle consoles as naively as possible from morning to night and thus provide the advertising industry and all profiteers with the raw data. They should be clueless if AI is promised to solve all problems again, they shouldn’t know what free and open software is good for, what you could do with the Internet except post selfies.

Nor should they know how few characteristics can be used to clearly identify someone, why even the telly sends data home and what the connection between big data and AI is. What defines a good user interface, how software is designed to conserve resources, what is the point of standards, why encryption, how IT is changing every area of ​​society – and how it is abused everywhere. With great power comes great responsibility.

All of this could easily be learned from old cucumbers. From the 9th onwards, the students would be so fit that they could administer and renew their school infrastructure themselves. Speaking of students – so do the students. The grievance would then finally be resolved and the useless MINT alibi action days could be abolished.

Macron has nothing to do with the environment. That was just another excuse for tax increases.

Those people who can barely afford rent in the big cities or who have to commute somewhere from their 20% unemployment huddle, the condescending eco-talk is of absolutely no use. Should they go to the table from now on or cycle the 40 km? You can buy a new e-car and a second house in the country for the youngsters who can no longer afford the city.

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