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Most marry only once in a lifetime. Before the big step in front of the altar or the registry office, however, many want to really hit the plaster again. Celebrating the bachelor party with agencies like Pissup and getting everything organized has been a development in recent years: after all, activities such as paintball, tank driving or white water rafting in various European capitals are anything but everyday and not exactly easy to organize on your own. If you take care of the bachelorette party yourself, embarrassingly funny games, in which money is symbolically collected for the actual wedding celebration, are almost mandatory. Here are 5 tips to really embarrass yourself – but hey, it has to be fun!

It’s funny to photograph the faces when you receive the prizes. These can then be shown in a slide show at the wedding.

Whether it’s a new car or an expensive home repair – there are many situations in which you need a large sum of money quickly. Nowadays, purchases, repair payments or even house building can be easily financed with loans from the bank. What types of loans are there?

With the installment loan, an exact repayment amount including the interest rate is determined with you, which you then pay off in partial amounts over a certain number of months. The terms of the installment loan depend on the amount of the loan and the length of the term. Since the cost of the installment loan is fixed, this loan is one of the most sought-after among consumers. It is often offered by the bank or directly from larger stores such as furniture stores or electronics stores. The installment loan therefore includes some special forms such as the car loan (directly from the car dealer) or the small loan, where you get a lower amount available. The terms consumer, instant and student loan also refer to a classic installment loan with fixed conditions.

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